Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hi Kids:

I got this email today from Move On, and I'm going to call Boxer soon as my roommate gets off the phone. If you get on the horn to your politican today, I will write a fabulous gold-plated haiku for you and dedicate it to you and post it on the blog. xoxomoi


The response to our petition on media monopoly has been enormous. In collaboration with Media Alliance, Global Exchange, and United for Peace and Justice, over 150,000 folks have signed in less than a week, and thousands more sign on every day. For an issue with little media coverage, it's a clear sign that folks are outraged.

But despite growing opposition, FCC Chair Michael Powell seems intent on pushing through the new media rules. His plans, which were released to several media outlets this week, are as bad as we feared -- and they now stand a good chance of becoming official policy.

We need to escalate. Since Chairman Powell won't listen to the public, our Senators need to make him listen. The Senate Commerce Committee has the jurisdiction to hold hearings on and possibly delay the FCC rule change, but it won't use that power without grassroots support.

Your Senator, Barbara Boxer, serves on the Commerce Committee and needs to hear from you today. Ask the Senator to stop the FCC's rush to deregulation, hold hearings on the rule change, and work for a diverse, balanced, competitive, and fair media.

Please call your Senator now, at:

Senator Barbara Boxer

DC Phone: 202-224-3553

Chairman Powell is trying to rush through these changes under cover of darkness. But the effects will be very visible: we're moving toward a society in which a few big companies control the entire broadcast media. The Senate's sleeping on the job: please make a call today and help wake them up.

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