Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Hi Punk:

I'm up writing an essay about the White Stripes, which has been predictably impossible, because as you know i can't write about them at all. I guess I knew I'd have to try at some point. Anyway, I was flipping through old articles about them and found one in RS. There's a picture of their appearance at the MTV movie awards, when they had all those candycane children dancing onstage. It's funny but I just realized I'm in the picture, just another body in the crowd, about an inch tall, with my big white-jeans black ass sticking out. It's just my backside. Well, since I know I'll never see my name anywhere in the rag, i may as well get my butt in there. i know this sounds like i'm bragging, and that's because i am. i feel kind of cool to be in a picture with them, even though I look like some faceless clone drone, and they're the stars.



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