Thursday, May 29, 2003

Hi, Lester Bangs:

Today I went to my first-ever anti-media deregulation protest! This is a new wrinkle in protesting. As you can imagine, the chants at such a protest don't exactly roll off the tongue. ("media consolidation"? "deregulation"?) After hearing the founder of the LA Weekly talk about the impact of deregulation on delivery of the news, i feel more certain than ever that this issue is about two things: rock and democracy. In other words, it's about American freedom. I interviewed a woman who said that she watched the same thing happen to her cousins in China that is happening to us right now. That spooked me out, man!

And for all you eligible men out there who didn't make it, all I can say is: There were SO many cute girls there. Plus, I ran into an old musician friend from Minneapolis at the rally, and we're totally going on a date tomorrow. One of the many side-benefits of activism. Everybody wins.



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