Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Good Morning, Baby Sunspot:

Well, that's more like it, freaks! (See comments in yesterday.)

It saddens me, but I find that you respond best to verbal abuse.

I agree, Tipsy McSwagger, "Runnin' Road" and "Tophat" are excellent solo McCartney titles. I thought of another McCartney one, "Plaids & Stripes," and I really don't understand it. Your Beck ones were good, especially "Eyewash."

Tipsy, are you Ken Basart?


Drunky McTophat

PS: This prose-poem over at Red Clay's site is interesting. Pretty sentimental, but it poses an idea that definitely feels familiar. Don't you feel like you aren't one person, but are two different souls fused in one body?

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