Thursday, December 05, 2002

Hi Snorkly Fish:

Sorry for the thing about LA Weekly. It's a little nitpicky. I deleted it five minutes after writing it, but Blogger won't erase it from the blog itself, so there you go. Whatever!

At least I wasn't writing like a super-secret top-secret crazy hidden love letter that accidentally got posted!

Dear Love Bagel: Your throat makes me cry. Your tan cords kill me, softly. Your vocabulary is heroic, and your spirit makes me think that I can hang out a while longer in this world. Your voice is like gravy of God. I always regretted not smooching you that night in the balcony. Do you like PB&J?

Haw Haw!

I write lousy love letters. They always feel so cheesy. Someday maybe someone will inspire me properly to really write a good one!

OK bye,



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