Monday, December 02, 2002

Hi You Lazy Fucks:

I just found a blog called "My life is crazy! And that's the way I like it..!"

I think it's a teenage girl. Dig the first paragraph of her latest entry:

~ Monday, December 02, 2002

"Ok, I know like, five minutes ago I said I really had nothing to talk about. But I do. Today was really an ok day seeing as the night before I had yet another fight with my mother.Today I went to the Chorus Line dance workshop. I have never taken a dance class in my life! And it definetly shows!...Cassie says I have a natural talent for it, but today I felt Yeah that's the word! Thanks Cassie! But later I was walking around and decided to do it again, and did, wonderfully! Of course, I'm in my room! Although I still don't know if I can audition! My parents have not said yet! I sang my song for dad tonight, and I think he really liked it, but being the "macho" man that he is would not say how much:) I really want to do it though! Oh well..."

Slow down, sister. You are way too crazy.

Actually, I thought it was pretty cute.

I mean, "The Chorus Line Dance Workshop."

Fuck. I know exactly what that scene's all about.

Jazz hands.

All the time.

I'm going to bed. Screw the Damn Personals. I'm damn tired, personally.

My life is so crazy!



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