Friday, December 20, 2002

Hi Sour Patch Kids:

Have I hit you yet with my ever-expanding List of (Non)Dirty Words? Words that sound dirty but aren't?

Hillary has one too. We both started making them at the same time without knowing it. I think she read my mind and stole my idea but it's possible it was the other way around.

Unf. I don't have the list handy at the moment, oops, but here's a few recent additions and a few I can recall.

1. Bangkok

2. child-rearing

3. play hooky

4. Aerlingus

5. fallacious

5. exacerbate

6. cockpit

7. "come over and see my 7-inches"

8. angina

9. piston

10. coccyx

Feel free to add to the list.



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