Thursday, December 12, 2002

Hello to the Rowdy Heffalump:

Yesterday Axel took me to a recording studio in Pasadena where he is doing his demo. It was magical. Very homey, small, humble and warm. We sat down with some of their beautiful old guitars and played some songs. We played "Sister Golden Hair" on a 1970s Gibson and one modelled after the Gibson the Beatles used. We also played electric on some ancient Fender amps. The sound was at once warm and clear and clean and, somehow, instantly classic. I had never heard vintage instruments up close like that, without the distortion of the recording process.

Their jingle bells were like my long-lost husband of heaven.

The whole experience was like the difference between seeing black-and-white photographs of a young George Harrison, and having the actual young George Harrison walk through the door. Once you experience someone or something in linear time, in the flesh, everything's new. Everything's possible. The feeling of linear time is so sexy. It's what makes angels wish they were human. It's got to be one the best creations of the universe, and it's happening every second--for a limited time only!

Got to go grab me a piece of that linear time pudding pie.


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