Wednesday, December 18, 2002

It's Only Forever:

Yeah, Paul is being pretty dopey. How bloated/crippled must his ego be if he thinks, somehow, he isn't getting enough credit? If he's jealous of John's ghost? The guy turned the year after 9/11 into his most successful year in forever. He's alive, and he gets to play stadiums, write new songs, record new albums, fall in love and watch his children succeed. George and John don't get to do any of that. Who the hell is Paul to be jealous? And who the hell is he to think he doesn't get enough credit as a songwriting genius? If he wanted the world to view him more like John, he shouldn't have recorded so much whack shit after the Beatles broke up. Nobody forced him to do "The Girl Is Mine, " "Say Say Say," "Ebony and Ivory," "C Moon," etc.

I mean, if you're going to do a solo collaboration with Michael Jackson, at least make it "State of Shock," baby.

Shit. You never hear Mick going, "Wah wah wah, I don't get enough credit! I'm really an artist, man!"

Mick understands himself and his place in the universe.

He is an artist, of course, but he doesn't expect the world to get it that way. He wanted to be one kind of star, and he understood the costs.

Don't mistake me for one of those idiot Paul-haters. Paul is totally my favorite Beatle, and I love a lot of his post-Beatles stuff. But, once upon a time, Paul understood himself and his place in the Beatles. He chose a songwriting partner who would challenge him, not put up with his shit, and also would provide the band a kind of moral and artistic foundation that would magnify Paul's strengths, and really show him off in the best light. The yin and yang of Lennon/McCartney made them both much better songwriters. Paul is not John and John is not Paul.

So when Paul gets pouty because he's supposedly not taken as seriously as John as a songwriter, I have to go, dude, you've forgotten your special spot in the cosmos. You are taken very seriously. It's just different than John, and it will never be the same as John, and that is how it should be. And you know it.

You can't have it both ways: You can't be the Oreo cookie and the cream.

Last night I was at Axel's recording studio again. I helped on handclaps. It was awesome. Handclaps are the happiest sound in the world.

I wish I could write here about everything going on in my heart, but I can't. To talk about a certain work-related matter would be highly unprofessional. It would hurt some people I care about, too. A certain ass-smashing issue would be boring as hell for you, Dear Reader. And a love-related topic would be just too revealing. I would feel like Tony Pierce's girfriend, the 19-year-old, who always reports on her blog whenever she makes out with a new guy. I just can't bring myself to make this a makeout blog. You have to be a teenager or a groupie in order to do it with the proper sense of innocent narcissism.



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