Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Hey, You In The Corner, Yeah, You:

So.... "Miguel" informed me some of the staffers at City Pages are doing blogs now. Das coo', whatev.

I always wanted a full time job at City Pages as an arts writer, but they never saw fit to hire me, so now City Pages is, to me, like the fancy university I dropped out of. (By the time they decided they wanted me, it was way too late because I was back in Hollywood.) There were a couple profs at City Pages University who nurtured me (Rob, Will, Keith), and I love the paper itself like crazy, crazy mad. The only good writing I've ever done has been for them, because some editors there believed in me, as "Ice Castles" as that may sound. (And for a while, they let us write 1600-word essays on pop music!) It's my home, you know--it's just not a home that has ever felt all that homey. I ain't got much love for the powers that be over there.

So I'm just glad that when I blog, I don't have to do it as a "professional" or a representative of any organization besides The International Committee on Stuff, Inc., the Unified Church of Rock, and the Super Secret Spy Club of Third Avenue. I represent no one but me and the Voices, man.

kick ass,

Snappy McBlah Blah

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