Sunday, December 01, 2002

Hi Bitch!

(and I mean that as a TOTAL compliment)

My life is complete! (Except for the world peace-boyfriend thing.)

Today I discovered I can listen to Cosmic Slop on my computer. All afternoon, every Sunday! From now on! Thanks to Ben for styling me with the heavy memory, dude!

But I mean my life is super-complete, because Chuck and Joel played me the Argent original version of "God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You," which is probably the theme song for 2002. Thanks, guys! It's pretty dorky, except, come on, people, let's remember what we learned with the Run-DMC thing. Originals have the right to be dorky, because they're doing the hard work. And while it was dorky, the Zombie-esque background harmonies toward the end were pretty as a peanut, and made me sure miss the Zombies.

So today begins the Running List of What's Good Right Now:

1. Cosmic Slop

2. Mojo Magazine (Last night I read the White Stripes issue. When it came out, all I wanted to read was the White Stripes article, and I forgot to read anything else! It was an amazing issue, with a piece about the MC5's weird debut shows in New York City, and Marc Bolan's early, pre-superstardom days. I always claim to be such a huge T. Rex fan, but the truth is that I'm a gay-ass record collector, and I really don't know much about his complete discography--therefore, I did not know that he had like four LPs [not counting recordings with John's Children] before he had any kind of success. Every time I read Mojo I learn about some huge band that had like five records before they made it. [Like Queen.] The message? Hang tough!)

3. KXLU, especially Saturday night psychedelia show "She Comes In Colors"

4. Amoeba Records

5. The ACLU

6. Hello Kitty

7. The White Stripes

8. The Santa Monica Pier

9. Orbit gum in the little box

10. Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine

More To Come...



ps: the archive's back and more archival than ever! :)

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