Saturday, January 11, 2003

awright yadda yadda

so i take it some of yalls don't like andrei c. did you ever see his movie "road scholar"? i thought it was the bee's knees myself.

but the crucial thing is that tinight me and my friend laurne figured out "lola" by ear and we realized the brigdge is "B" "E" and "A," I think, which was really hard for me five months ago, I could't get it, but tonight we got it in five munites or so.

i am drunk if oyu didn't guess!

so that's main thng. for this noght. which is pretty good in my book.

ALSO tonight we went online to get the chords for hang on sloopy. in honor of the pup. and so guess what. it turns out my biggest pedophiliac crush of late, aaron carter, sings hang on sloopy. how fucking hot is that?

aaron cartrer is soo hot and he understands about the SKOOPY. I mean, the SLOOPY, which is my dog, the best fucking dog that ever lives/

he is not so smart. not so smart. in the you kno, smart sens. like, he is realy dumbQ!!!

BUT there are two things he understands. One is love. sloopy is a GENIUS OF LOVE.

the other thing he understands is ROUTINE.

Thius is my secret weapoin. he is like a realy dumb guy you lov sooooo much, he only understands love and routin.e

this is how you get him to fall in love with you.

he is totally in love with me now and it makes me feel special.

the othee awesome thing is that i had a dream last night about this guy i dated over the sumer, this very special special guy. the down by law guy/fingernails guy. i had a dream about him that was so real. i know it means that even though he's datimng some stupid tattoo girl now, he thought of me. i feel it in my soul.

now i'm going to bed



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