Friday, January 31, 2003

~Kate's Kooky Advice Korner~

Red Clay writes in with the eternal question:

'if a girl says no , and means yes, does this mean she is dyslexical? also, what does yes mean, then?"

First of all, Reddie, I want to compliment you on your poetical use of the lower case.

Now, about the no-yes thing.

If a girl says No and means Yes, she is probably dyslexical. Also, she likes you and she wants you to like her even more, because she's not feeling 100 percent certain that she is a sexual goddess in your eyes. She probably has tons of religious hangups too, which can be kind of erotic in the right context. Like, a Nick Cavian vibe.

With this girl, Yes means Yes and I wouldn't look a gift horse too closely in the mouth on the first night.

A girl like this is probably young and needs to become more masterful in her sexuality. Oh well.

The question, of course is, how do you know when a girl is saying No but meaning Yes?

If she says No, be a gentleman and lay off a bit--but not so much that it seems you don't want her anymore. It'll drive her mad and she'll come around. Or else she'll be relieved. Either way, you come off smelling like Casablanca lilies.

Somehow I get the feeling you already knew all this, Mister Clay.


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