Friday, January 17, 2003

dude, war is getting in the way of my rock lifestyle.

Just got this email from Spaceland regarding the previously scheduled concert by the lovely Libertines. The band's manager wrote:

"I was contacted today by UK Traffic Control our visa application agency who have informed me that we shall face delays of up to possibly 15 weeks with our applications due to the increased stringency of the US State Department visa application rules as a result of the imminent war. We are therefore unlikely to be able to perform at the gigs rescheduled for February. I am extremely sorry about this and would be grateful if you could please kindly (again) pass my sincere apologies to all those who have been inconvenienced by this."

I love the Brits. they are so fucking polite. Plus, they say "shall."

Did you dig that awesome run-on?

I would like to say that this is a great inconvenience to me and I don't blame the Libertines but the enemies of rock in Washington the so-called president and his oil-based cabinet who are oily in more than one way but also they are secret friends of rock because everyone knows rock gets better in difficult times just look at the war-torn Sixties and the miserable Seventies and the oppressive Eighties I mean in fact we've had great rock ever since it started because we've been through some bad shit pretty much nonstop and only the 1990s were a little better and look what happened to rock it sucked.

Nirvana was an Eighties band at heart I mean let's face it in terms of where it was coming from emotionally it was just a superfancy glorified hardcore band and now i'm shutting up ok bye!


Run-On McRandall

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