Monday, January 27, 2003

Hi Kids:

Just a quick note... I went to the bank just now, so now maybe I am finally not so broke. Phew. Anyway, at Le Money Hut I saw Rodney on the Roq in line too. He was wearing dark sunglasses, a rumpled black blazer and black sweats and sneakers, with a little '80s gel-flip to his hair. He's one of these older people whose style has become stuck in their heyday. We're all getting so old now that some of these people had their heyday in the '80s. (Wait a minit--weren't the '80s just five minutes ago?)

The lucky thing for Rodney is: '80s shit is so "in" right now, he looks somewhat fashionable.

I was wearing my white vinyl jacket, which could be a little bit Billy Idol, but is meant to be more Shonen Knife. I said, Hi, Rodney, do you remember me? He goes, I don't remember anything. I said, you don't like me; I'm Kate Sullivan. He doesn't like me because I didn't mention him enough in an article I once did about early KROQ.

It was weird, standing there behind him in line, thinking, nobody else in this bank knows how important this little elf man is to American pop culture, and to the rock, and how much of the multimillion-dollar media collosus of Viacom really goes back to his work. This little man depositing his paycheck. How many bazillion dollar bands would never have made it onto KROQ without Rodney?

I wish Rodney liked me, but, you know, not everybody is going to like you in this lifetime. Even some of your heroes.

Speaking of not being liked--some editor just accused me of being "breathless" just now. It's funny when people try to criticize you but it doesn't work. Breathlessness rulz. Why would you want to live if there weren't things to be breathless about?

That reminds me of an old girlfriend-anecdote from high school. My friend Halle had the most gorgeous, long, straight golden hair you ever saw. She would sometimes braid it at night so it would be wavy in the morning.

One morning at school, she had her wavy golden hair, and it was resplendant. These bitchy older girls walked by, and snarled at Halle---"fucking mermaid hair!"

Halle's like, was that supposed to be an insult?

Being called breathless isn't as good as being called mermaid hair, but you get the point.



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