Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Come on, feel the blog:

Saw two great bands tonight for Freeee at Spaceland: The Rogers Sisters, who are a little bit of something else, and Patrick Park, who isn't a band but is brilliant anyway. He was looking more Cobainy than ever tonight, but a lot healthier.

Everything's groovy right now.

Missing Paul Wellstone, of course. But what can you do.

Gotta get up early and I'm so fucking tired it's crazy, yet I want you.

Tell me you don't want clever conversation. Cause i'm all out.

I kind of hate going to Spaceland alone. I kind of hate going out alone. i always feel so self-conscious and ignored. It's full of young people who all seem to know each other or something. I always feel like I have my nose up to the glass, trying to get in. Even if there's someone there who might want to talk to me, everyone's so shy and cold, it's brutal. Oh well.

Heard my favorite song of all time again today on K-Earth, "Here Comes the Sun." Oh, wow. Every time, I get the shivers, it never fails. Now, he's a little bit immortal. Don't you want to be immortal? Are we all? Maybe. You never know how it'll happen, though. Maybe something you did in secret that nobody knew about, maybe it'll help someone you never met, later.

Goodnight, ladies.


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