Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Gimme, Gimme:

I should tell you that the blog is a VANITY project for my own AMUSEMENT and SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT, intended to make us both think my life is MUCH MORE FABULOUS than it really is. Thus, any time I allude to sex-actions, makeouts, drugs or anything, you should put on your skeptic's goggles.

For example, my New Year's Eve, while INSPIRING and LEGENDARY, was not a big hot tub orgy. Yeah, there was a hot tub, two hot girls and one hot guy, and a kind of X-y loveydoveyness that money just can't buy. But no EVIL was perpetrated and no TRUST was broken and nothing BAD happened. It was all strictly by the book. A book called CREEPY NO MORE: HOW TO BE A HIPPIE WITHOUT ANYBODY KNOWING, Chapter Seven: HOT TUBS, POOL PARTIES, THE BEACH AND CAMPFIRES: ENJOYING NATURE WITHOUT BEING A JACKASS.

Sorry to disappoint.

So I got the new RS, which just keeps sucking harder, and I have to admit, wow, old Justin T. is one hot little Cheeto. I got a funny feeling when I looked at the veins on his tummy. It was a funny feeling in my tummy. Feels like summer. It's coming, you know.

Also in RS was a pic from the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert where they apparently did an all-star version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Was disturbed to see that two of the six or so people in the picture were Scientologists: Beck and Juliette Lewis. God, it's so creepy. What the hell was Juliette Lewis doing there in the first place? She's not a rock star. Are she and Beck L. Ron Buddies now or something?

Do they know it's stupid?

The Timberlake article is all about how Britney cheated on him and all his GFs cheated on him, and being cheated on is "a terrible personal tragedy, excruciating to the heart and a burden on the soul." (The male writer's words.) I couldn't agree more. It's just a drag: Whenever a female cheats on a male (Britney, Courtney Love, Beck's ex, et al) men think it's an unspeakable cruelty. Yet 99 percent of rock guys cheat on their girlfriends as a matter of course, all the time----and are admired for it. It's as if men think, somehow, that infidelity is less painful to women. They think we don't suffer as deeply. Or maybe they just don't think about it at all.

I want to know why men have different rules when our hearts are the same.

Fuck it, I don't care. I just never want to be with someone who would do that. Love is hard enough without selfish evil. I'd rather be alone. being alone kind of rocks.



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