Friday, January 24, 2003


can't hack condescending editors, yo.

Here's what I can't hack in editors:

1. Condescension. Women are far more condescending to me than men and I haven't figured this out yet except that maybe it's a symptom of insecurity and also they're mimicking the treatment they received as writers.

isn't it tragic, the shit that women deal with all the time? men always want to know why women are so weird and high-maintenance. a lot of it is biology but a lot of it is residual fucked-upness from being second class citizens for about 10 bazillion years. it makes you weird and tweaky in certain ways and it makes you freaky toward those like yourself. which is why no woman has ever tried to mentor me. Cept my mom and she don't count. Men are my allies and i think it's cuz they don't feel threatened. Plus sometimes they want to sleep with me, but we don't talk about that. This is a family blog, you sick fuck.

2. editors who don't acknowledge that you write good.

3. editors who change your shit and make you sound like a retard

4. ditto, plus even more if they add in a lot of cliched adverbial clauses everywhere like "abundantly talented" and "uniquely positioned" and "retardedly cliched."

5. editors who are pyschos who need new prescriptions and take it out on you without ever fucking acknowledging that they have psychiatric issues

I am feeling so much better since the six ibuprofen and whiskey kicked in. so anyway something good happened today and I am proud of it so i'll tell you. I turned down a story for a national music magazine because i fucking hate the band they wanted me to write about. hooray!

i feel like flying across the sky!

i don't have to write about Linkin Park!

And how they "tried so hard, but in the end, it doesn't even matter."

I am so sick of fake nihilism.

now i feel so good i'm going to make out with my dog.


(by the way, red clay, i haven't forgotten you--i've been busy as hell and everything. i don't think you're old at all.)



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