Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Good Morning, Little Pink Sno-Balls:

I don't read the LA Times, which is bad, I know. But it's, like, so lame. Maybe it was always lame, I don't know. Somehow I doubt it, but I am biased because of my dad and everything. My dad is sharp and funny, so I imagine a place where he worked happily for 20 years must have been good. I used to read it back then but I wasn't "awake" yet and I don't necessarily trust those memories.

Today they had an article about Ken and Matt's new LA tabloid--on the cover of the 'Calendar' section, which seemed a little weird, but whatever. I saw it on my neighbor's doorstep, with Matt and Ken's names right there on the page. Dear Matt and Ken. Well, I've told you all about Matt's goodness and wonderment and stuff. It's funny that the LA Times wouldn't hire him because he didn't have a college degree. Isn't that the most? The real reason, I am sure, is that they were intimidated by his brilliance and fire. People who live mediocre lives are often interested in snuffing the flame of ass-kicking in others. This is true of institutions as as well as individuals.

Not always. Sometimes unhappy people and institutions are really encouraging and wonderful, because they are secretly fanning their own flames of ass-kicking.

I went to the website to get the link, but, oddly, the headline was nowhere to be found. That is so weird.

Anyway, so dig my horoscope today from the LA Times:

Scorpio: Keep a secret. You could be involved in confidential information, possibly in connection with space program.

I am so glad I got the warning, because usually all those NASA blueprints go right in the dumpster.

I spent all my money on sushi and a happiness magic spell kit for my friend, and other essential items like that. So if you have some money, you can give it to me, and I will drive to La Belle Epoque and buy a real French croissant and coffee.

After I wake up. It's too early. I'm going back to bed.



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