Wednesday, January 22, 2003


Baby, so like here is why i can't stand KPFK. (Which is not to say I'm an NPR fan, either. People like me have no acceptable news radio source at the moment.)

They're doing their "Peace Is Good" news show or whatever it's called, and they're talking about a new statistic: Only 5 percent of American soldiers who would die in an Iraqi war would be black. Apparently among the sorts of soldiers they would use, blacks are underrepresented, and are doing more "support" work. Most of the would-dies are white.

This naturally reminded me of the old statistics about how blacks were overrepresented in combat in Vietnam. This was a big, big issue at one time, forming the nexus of the civil rights and antiwar movements. Nobody could deny how unfair it was that black boys were dying for a government that didn't give them equal rights.

So I was expecting Ye Old Left Kneejerkers to say, well, isn't this a nice change? White people fighting white men's wars, for once.

But see, that would be too honest, too real, too human. And too sensible. And, Fidel forbid, too humorous.

Instead, they go on and on about how unfair it is that so few black men will die: It's just further proof of how racist and inequitable the military is; black men don't get promoted to these more elite fighting units, etc.

Can't anybody just be reasonable?

If I were black, I would be consider this the best news all year.

A side note: KPFK was also pissed off that Rumsfeld said, quite candidly, that draftees are useless to the military anymore.

They consider that a slight on Vietnam vets.

But I thought that the entire anti-Vietnam War movement was based on the understanding that draftees were dying uselessly, and shouldn't be exploited and killed against their will.

So which way do they want it?

Seems they prefer blacks to die in Iraq, and prefer Rumsfeld to draft America kids into this thing, just so they can prove how corrupt the military is.

I don't get it.

The real reason Rumsfeld's comment is bad (but honest) is this: All he's saying is, America doesn't fight justifiable wars anymore, wars the people truly support.

But I know how bored you get when I talk politics. I guess I better quick talk about kiddie porn, you sick fucks.



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