Wednesday, January 15, 2003


did i really want to know pete townsend is a kiddy porner? did i need to know that?

ew. ick.

i thought he was just gay.

that was good enough.

he doesn't have to get freaky.

he says he was sexually abused as a kid, he thinks, but he can't remember.

does that make you more likely to be a kiddy porner?

like michael jackson?

i wonder if gary glitter was, because he has a big thing for kiddy porn.

but carlos santana was sexually abused.

and so was a certain goth/glam guy who got blamed for columbine.

and so was a good friend of mine.

and i don't know but i don't think they're into kiddy porn.

this is horrible.

On to a different kind of kiddy porn.... The White Stripes!

Ah, the White Stripes.

I just felt like saying their name.

I had my first Jack White makeout dream last night.

It was awesome.

I was sitting on a couch with him, telling him that I felt kind of nauseated, I liked their band so much. I said they were my favorite band in the world, but then I had to say, well, actually, the Beatles are my favorite. (And now that I'm awake, Led Zeppelin is my second favorite; then the White Stripes.) Then we made out a little bit.

My subconscious makes really lucid fantasy dreams. I had a dream someone was taking a picture of me and my dog, but they were having trouble with the camera, and Sloopy said, under his breath, "Take the picture..."

Yesterday I drove to Pasadena on a whim and checked out 117 S Los Robles, where the KROQ studio was from 1978 to 1985. You know, the good years.

It's a small, old two-story office building, the kind of place that might have once been a general store downstairs and a the owner's residence upstairs.

The studio was upstairs. I have seen a group photo of all the DJS lined up on the metal staircase out back. Raechel Donahue told me the first time she went there, she stepped on an empty vial of coke on the stairs.

They used to do shit in the parkng lot---water balloon tosses or BBQs or Wendy O. Williams destroying things. Robert Palmer quit Power Station in that parking lot. The band was leaving the studio and their limo got trapped in a crowd of psychotic Duran Duran fans. So Robert Palmer got out of the limo and walked away. Caught a cab at the Pasadena Hilton down the street. (Where KROQ also broadcast from earlier, where Rodney got his start.)

Van Halen used to climb up those back stairs and try to sneak in the window to give the DJs their pressing of Running With the Devil.

Missing Persons knocked on the back door one night and asked them to play their little 45. April Whitney put it on right away. That happened all the time.

I knocked on the door and asked the office person if I could look around. It's now the business office for the dental practice downstairs. It's all been redone. You can see, though, what an awkward space it was and still is. One long hallway with the bathrooms and these sort of artificially constructed walls dividing the space up randomly.

Nobody except one lady knew that the space had formerly been a radio station. They were super-squares.

As I was sitting in the parking lot out back, I turned on KROQ and Jed was playing a song by Interpol. Talk about a wrinkle in time. That sound, that rhythmm, those droning vocals, that youthful optimistic pessimism. The sunlight felt as brilliant at that moment as it did in 1982. The sun was so brilliant in 1982.

I sound dreadful. I never even liked Joy Division--or New Order.

I just mean.... I sat in the parking lot, looking at the building. That little space, not much bigger than my apartment, was the incubator for something now worth half a billion dollars. A product that rich evil people milk every day. That little building. How can I connect that building to the signal coming in over my car radio, the multimillion dollar signal?

It's as if the rich frat in Animal House bought the Delta house and turned it into a theme park.

oh well.

OK bye.


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