Thursday, January 16, 2003

Sorry, My Nizzles

Blogger was down last night.

So anyway, I have a recommendation. If you want to see the best rock show of the year (besides, like the Stones or some really fancy shit like that), go to see Supergrass on Feb. 15 at Spaceland.

Supergrass put out fairly wobbly albums, but they are totally, intimidatingly ferocious live. One of the best live bands I have ever seen. I saw them at an unbearably oversold Roxy two years ago. The idea of seeing them at Spaceland--just the kind of venue they were made for--is thrilling.

I just bought my ticket at this address. They only have a $4 service fee.

This is my sincere recommendation for the new year.

Also, my boy Patrick Park is doing the free Monday night residency at Spaceland this month. His songs are special and beautiful.

This night is amazing--dry gusts and the stars all piercing and shit--wish i didn't have work to do...

Why don't you go out and wield some magic and tell me about it after.



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