Wednesday, January 29, 2003

More Boring Journalism Shoptalk:

What a dumb article. It's from the village voice and it deals with the DoJ ruling on the naff deal done by VV and New Times that killed my column, Hot Child In the City :)

I'm just going to repeat that as often as possible.

So anyway the article claims that the New Times L.A. was "neocon," and also claims, nauseatingly, that "Here in proverbial bohemia, we like to stick it to the Man."

It's a good thing I'm on a whiskey diet because if I had eaten anything last night it would surely be covering my computer keyboard right about now.

First of all, a word to the reader: Never, ever trust any newspaper or magazine (or person) that:

A. Refers to itself as "Bohemian" (It's kind of like "cool": If you have to say you are, you so aren't)

B. Pats itself on the back for its own ass-kicking in the first five seconds

Now, onto the "neocon" thing.

For Pete's ass's sake, that's dumb.

I'm the biggest hippie you know and I would never have gone near a neocon paper, whatever that means. That paper might have broadcast some polemical views that strayed from the received assumptions of boomer Leftism (and it might have had an ungroovy drinking problem), but the reason it did so was because its editorial philosophy was based in freedom of thought.

It's a messy world these days and anyone who tows a strictly "right" or "left" line just isn't thinking.

In fact, I would argue that a paper's diversity of intelligent viewpoints is way more important than how much, as a superduper-hippie, I agree with any single writer. I want to read a paper that mixes it up, not one that continually doesn't surprise or challenge me.

It's funny to me how old-school alt-weekly people think that alt-weeklies should be classically Liberal, and uphold the political philosophies of '60s leftism---when boomer leftists betrayed the spirit of the alt-weekly movement years ago by selling out the entire industry to national chains.

I mean, where the fuck does anyone at the Village Voice get off claiming to be the little guy, sticking it to "the Man"?

In my cities, L.A. and Minneapolis anyway, VV is the Man.

The Man that--along with the equally Man-like New Times--killed my column, Hot Child In the City.

Y'alls both of you fat cats.

Excuse me now, I am on deadline for two articles for the alt-weeklies in my two cities, both of which are Village Voice media newspapers, neither of which have competitors.



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